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Week 4 After Effect

Final Clip


As you can see above, I started by creating a new project. This was to make sure that week 3 was separated from this week's work and that I wouldn't be confused with all of the different compositions. I made sure to put 01 at the start of the name of the composition to make sure the comps are sorted in number order. I also created a folder for the references called "ASSETS". I used the iage of a pumpkin and traced the outside to create the above image.

Here you can see that I am creating a mall candle in the pumpkin's eyes by using very blocky designs. This both cut down on time and created a sort of style which could be easily recreated. I also changed the rotation and scale to recreate the flicker of a fire on the small flame.

For another asset I recreated the candle. I had to adjust the animations since the candle was larger. This is where I realised I could use the LoopOut() function to make it into a seamless loop rather than copying and pasting the key frames.

Next I made a little cat which could close it's eyes and disappeared when they were completely closed. To make it look like the eyes were closing, I reduced the height until it was a zero, however they started to rise rather than stay in one spot. Therefore I simply adjusted the position and made that into a seamless loop together with the LoopOut() function.

I realised that since the cat was much more circular and didn't quite fit the style I had established at the very start. To fix this I gave the cat a border. Erasing the paths that were inside the cat was difficult but I was able to somehow connect the path of the ears and main body.

My final asset was the ghost. I didn't use a reference for the ghost and I used freehand instead. This recreated the previous blocky as intended. To give the ghost a bit more movement, I used the wiggle(x,y) function on all of the shapes.

When putting the final comp together I realised that the way inputting comps worked was that the proportions of the shapes would stay the same as they were in the scene I made in. Hence, I had to go back and edit all of the shapes in the comps, and I will keep this in mind for the future.

I wanted to make a small ghost circle. To do this I started by positioning all of the ghosts into a circle. Then I created a null object in the middle of the circle and made it the parent of all of the ghosts. I did this so that I only had to animate one object rather than all 8 of them.

Finally I started to position all of the objects in the final comp. I made the ghosts and cats the frame. Since I had used a null object, it was much easier to move all of the ghosts around the scene since I could just move that one object. However, I had to position the cats separately which made it hard to get a symmetrical scene. Yet, I managed since I copied and then pasted the coordinates rather than dragging them. This was great advice from my teacher since it was quicker and made it much more please to look at the video.


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