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Week 3 After Effects 08/10/20

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Final Reel

In week three, we were given multiple tasks that included: programming, creating your own shapes and using secondary sources as inspiration.

Task 1: Follow the path

In this task we had to draw a path for the ball to follow. I found this to be odd since I thought it would much much more effective to just do it manually. However, I soon realised that this is a great tool to help visualize the path of your object rather than just guessing the positioning. To do this you have to draw the path using the pen tool, go into the shape layer and copy path. Once copied, you paste it onto the position transformation of the object you would like to move.

Task 2

In this task we learn a new function which was LoopOut(). This allows you to just do one movement (back and forth) and repeats it for you rather than you having to copy and paste the key frames.

Task 3

In this task we learnt about null objects and the parent/child feature where you can put two different assets to react at the same speed, time and length, if you move the null object. However, you can still individually make them react such as the car body in this clip.

Task 4

In this task, we revisited the previous task but we were shown how you can use this to make objects move more smoothly. For example, the above skateboard is being moved by a circle which helps the movement be more fluid.

Task 5

In task 5, we were allowed to choose how we wanted to animate the snowboarder. I chose "follow the path" since I liked how I would be able to visualize the movement. I was advised in group tutorial that he stays in the air for too long and I tried to correct that by making the snowboarder a bit faster in general.

Task 6

I was able to use a reference for this clip. Since the helicopter has a high density yet is quite light I made sure it wasn't squished. Yet, I did use the principle follow through to make sure that the light weight may be noticed. You can see the reference I used below.

Task 7

I went for a very simple assault course since I wanted to simply practise the 12 principles of animation and I didn't have time to complicate it.


Pesky Videos (2019). 50 HELICOPTER TAKEOFF’S LANDINGS & RESCUES | Helicopter Action | Helicopter for Kids. YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 12 Oct. 2020].


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