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Week 2 Improvements and Journey Final Composition

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Version 1

As you can see in the video, I started off by creating the path of movement for the tennis ball. Using key frames and the slider on the position label, I made sure that the follow through seemed realistic by making the jump after the impact smaller at every step.

Version 2

When looking over the footage, it felt unnatural for the ball to land on every single step so I made it so that it landed on every two steps instead. I really believe this helped improve the animation and will keep this in mind for the other objects.

Version 3

In this clip I started to add the squish and stretch principle. I went for a more extreme approach at the start for the squish so that it is easier to fix since the problems are more obvious. To fix the tennis ball, I will add some more squish near the end of the timeline and rather than just at the start.

Version 4

Here I applied the previous tweaks that I thought would help the tennis ball. After that, I realised it still looked odd. This was due to the ball not rotating which is extremely unrealistic, I made the rotation slow down as it the further down the ball fell down the stairs.

Version 5

In version five I finally finish the tennis ball so that I can start to work on the balloon. However, when making the path of the balloon's movement, the path was curved. This caused the balloon to move in an odd manner and even clipping into the stairs during the first collision. To fix this, I removed all of the bezier curves.

Version 6

To make sure the bowling ball and balloon fell as realistically as possible, used a reference for both of them. The balloon is lighter and therefore falls slowly and bounces after collision. However, the bowling ball weighs much more than the balloon and therefore will fall much quicker but not bounce on impact.

Final version

Final Week 2 Video


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