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Week 16 Adobe Animate: What's over there?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

In week 15 we were taught how to animate different kinds of head turns. We were told to make 3 different ones, 1 is a normal head turn, the second where he looks down or changes expression, and finally, one where we make an in-between frame connecting the two faces.

Clip 1:

I started out creating a middle frame so that I could start splitting up the two sides. Once I had done half of the clip, I copied the frames, inverted them and then moved them so that they were in line with the last key-frame. I learnt that this was an effective way of keeping an animation consistent in the Christmas task. If I had to re-do this clip I would make the eyes a bit thinner when the head is facing forwards since they look a bit scary.

Clip 2:

In the second clip, I made the character look down before looking back up with a confused face. I had trouble with the hair, however I just made sure the noticeable spikes where in the majority of the frames. If I had to change one thing, it would be the timing of the clip. I would make it slightly slower.

Clip 3:

In the last clip I kept the two criticisms in mind, I made sure the eyes didn't bulge out and that the clip was better spaced. I like this clip the most since it feels more cohesive than the other two clips. Not only that, its also more fluid. I do wish I had added some kind of arc in this clip though so that it was more visually interesting.


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