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Week 15 Adobe Animate: 2D characters doing more exercise than I have done in a month

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Above is my finished version of the exercise task. I had a lot of trouble with the first panel due to the positioning of the head compared to the body. However, after taking a reference video for myself, I was able to get the animation to look realistic.

In the second panel, I worked off of the already drawn frames. To make sure that the size of the character was consistent I made a base, the head plus body, and copied it a few times, moving it up and down. This helped a lot since I have problems with keeping the size consistent and I will be using this technique when making the walk cycle.

In the last panel I used the below reference to figure out the arm positioning. I also broke the leg to make the animation seem more interesting. I also added a brick to give some context to the kick.

Mall, Lakota. “Common Names Associated with the Tribe – Lakota Mall.” Lakota Mall, 13 May 2018, Accessed 20 Jan. 2021.


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