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Week 2 Drawing Lesson 30/09/2020: Tone

This week we were tasked with drawing different objects focusing on tone.

To start off, we brought in different objects: a cup (for a discussion about ellipses) and a small box/cube of some kind.  Plus ​a small item you would like to have a go at drawing in more detail. I brought in a mug, a clear box, a figure of a polar bear and clear glass sphere.

Will explained that normally we draw using lines, yet if you draw using tone it may seem a bit more realistic due to the fact that there are no lines in real life. For example, the isn't

a line to define a nose or lips on anyone's face in real life.

I drew two examples to showcase the different methods, as you can see the face is drawn using line art while the sphere was drawn using tone.

I quickly realised I may have made a mistake by bringing clear items since the tone may be hard to convey.

Here are some of the drawings I did:

However, we were also taught about ellipses and how they change depending on what angle to look at them from. I made a simple diagram to showcase this.

As you can see in the image, the ellipses becomes flatter when it gets closer to the eye level.


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