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Week 1 Drawing Lesson 23/09/2020

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

In this lesson we focused on the importance of multiple aspects to a drawing. For example: the importance of using one line instead of multiple lines to guess where it looks best, perspective, composition etc.

However, the main focus was perspective. This would include 1 point Perspective, 2 point Perspective and Aerial Perspective.

Here are some of the small doodles I did during the lesson:

As can be seen in the second image, I was warming up my hand to be able to create better sketches by drawing continuous straight lines. This also relates back to the lecture since Will talked about having confidence in your lines.

During the lecture, I was very hesitant to draw anything that did not have to do with the lecture. However, we were actually encouraged to doodle hence the small sketches such as the scared figure and the drawing of Will in the left picture.

Another focus was Aerial Perspective, which is when you make items that are further back in the background have less contrast compared to the item/object near the front. I made a quick sketch of how I interpreted it in the left picture. Outside of lesson I decided to retry a sketch and made a simple drawing of some hills with a house and trees:

At the end of the lecture, we were instructed to go out of the lecture theatre and sketch a few items or a whole scene that we have observed. I decided to go to the entrance of the Duke Street building and did a big scene. I wish I had more time to shade the picture in however, I am very happy with how the perspective turned out and the amount of detail was put into it.


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