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Media Role Presentation

Updated: May 24, 2021

To end our media roles unit, we did a presentation on job roles in the industry. We decided to focus on the web series, Hazbin Hotel. Once we had decided on the topic we wanted to talk about, we split up the slides between all of us. I was able to do the Character Design and Background design slides which I really wanted to do. However, I also had to do the employee comments which meant that I had to reach out to everyone on the show and hope for an interview.

I decided to do the design slides first just to make sure they were clear nd ready first since I couldn't be 100% sure that anyone would respond to my messages. Yet, I was lucky. I was able to interview the amazing background designer Nicholas (Cole) Jordan and he helped with the presentation as a whole due to the lack of information from behind the scenes online.

Since I assure Nicholas Jordan that I wouldn't disclose all of his answers, I won't reveal the interview except from some cool tips he gave us:

Again I want to thank Nicholas Jordan for this opportunity and I would recommend you check him out! Here is his art station:


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