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First photoshop lecture! 22/10/20

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Today I had my first ever photoshop lesson. I really enjoyed this lecture due to the fact that we got a bit more creative freedom as to what kind we wanted to do. All we had to do was put an image of a fish into a picture of Norwich.

I chose a simple Beta fish and a picture that I personally took of the Norwich market. At the start we learnt all of the different ways to select from an image, such as the lasso, mask and the automatic select.

Personally, I preferred the mask which is when you draw the selection you want to copy into the next image. This method seemed to be the best for me since you can delete part of your selection (which you can't do using the lasso or automatic select) and you can get the small details which may be difficult using the other methods.

After selecting our fish, we had to copy it into the picture of Norwich you had chosen. We learnt how to put a layer mask on a layer and how this allows you to remove part of the layer without actually erasing it. While in this class I started experimenting with lighting by adding another layer, selecting the fish and then draw it in. I also tried using different gradients to create the preferred light effect. Finally, I found that the layer type "soft light" seems to be the best for this kind task.

I really had fun this lesson and I am excited for the project to come.


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