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Close to Final Turnaround of Character

Adding lining to the final silhouettes from last blog post:

Before I did the turnaround, I had to choose which of the last five I wanted to use. While i liked the first two, I decided that to produce my best work I should choose number 5. 1 and 2 are great concepts however I would have to use time to change the research and make it relate to them while I could use the fifth straightaway.

When in a tutorial session with Dan, as I mentioned in the previous blog post, he assured me that the fifth silhouette was the best. It had goo exaggeration and was recognisable from afar unlike the third one, while not being too overcomplicated and having too may small details that couldn't be seen like the fourth one. One critique being to add the tassels from the fourth iteration.

Different Colour Schemes:

I did a drawing of the fifth iteration and coloured the in with multiple different colours. I used the research images to colour in the first outfit and using the colours in it to create different colour shawls. After that I changed the colours of the dress and the trousers to see if a darker palette would be better. Realising I was a bit biased towards the first iteration, I decided to consult my other classmates. They were stuck in-between the first iteration and the tenth iteration. Since the first one was a direct reference to the research images, I believe it would be more accurate to choose that one.

Nearly Final Turnaround:

Above you can see the turn around sheet I created. It shows the front view, 3/4 view, side view and back view. The yellow lines were the main guides to make sure that the proportions.

Although I hoped this would be the final version, I need to adjusts some aspects of both the side view and the 3/4 view. I need to change the shading on the 3/4 view since I had inverted it without keeping that in mind, also I need to change the perspective on the shoes. So instead of both of them facing the same way as Wichapi, I will make one face towards us and another to the side and make it look like her feet are flat on the ground.

For the side view, I received feedback from Dan about how the arm on the character feels too straight and stiff and that I should bend it a little. I also need to adjust the shawl and make the bottom line flat rather than curving upwards.


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