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Film Language: Genre

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The Conjuring (2013):

The conjuring is a great example of a horror movie. The terrifying themes mixed with the jump scares are befitting of the definition Jonathan Scott, a writer at StudioBinder, says is:

"Horror is a genre of storytelling intended to scare, shock, and thrill its audience. "

This is the main aim of the movie. While it does have a sense of mystery, the main storytelling is done to scare the audience rather than finding out the backstory to the house. The mystery is shown more in a later movie called "Annabelle: Creation (2017)"


While the more obvious genre for this movie is sci-fi due to the Manhattan man's nature and the different plot points in the movies, the way the main story is being makes it hard to just focus on one.

When looking at IMDb, they assigns it a range of genres: "Action|Drama|Mystery|Sci-Fi". The mystery being Rorschach trying to figure out who is killing superheroes, action being the fighting scenes and the drama being about the main storyline. One could also argue that there is romance due to the relationship between two of the main characters being on screen quite often, though not one of the main genres.


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