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Character Design: Silhouettes

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

iteration 1:

This is my first iteration of my different silhouette drawings. I tried to focus on the research I did and did some experimentation with shapes at the start. I wanted to keep my mind open about any character changes, hence the Madame-like characters at the start in case I liked those more than my original idea. However, drawing these I realised that the original idea was more visually interesting.

Iteration 2:

Keeping my mind open, I started just drawing blobs and then erasing some negative space into the characters. That is how I ended up with 4, 5 and 6. I really like these ones since they weren't only visually interesting but would be easy to distinguish from the silhouette alone. However, I wouldn't have any kind of backstory and I was strapped for time. After doing the experimentation I narrowed the characters down to the five below.

Iteration 3:

While I really liked the first two characters, I realised that for me to use these characters, I would have to redo the research and create a new back story. Therefore, I decided that the best move for me would be to stick to the original idea. During the tutorial, I was advised to use the last one since the hat was recognisable but to add the tassels from the fourth version to the final design.

Further Sketches:

While drawing the faces, I drew a face I liked and then used the liquidation tool to edit the face. and make it have simpler features so that it would be easier to draw while animating. Once I had change the face, I filled in the face and then compared the silhouettes separately. In the tutorial, I was advised to use references for the plaits since they seemed a bit off, which I agree with.


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