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BA1a - Transformers

Clip 5 - Transformers

What principles were used?

  • Arc

  • Follow through

  • Anticipation

  • Slow in and slow out

  • Staging


A lot happens in this clip and it can be hard to figure out what one should focus on. However, the animators used staging to help stop the audience from being confused. The main part of the fighting is normally in the centre of the screen to make it obvious to the audience that it is there they need to look. Secondly, when the main action does move away from the centre, it moves to one of the thirds of the screen and there are no other actions to make the audience's focus stray away.

Furthermore, we can see the principle arc when the yellow transformer is thrown into the sky, as its path move in a circular fashion. Another principle we can see is slow in and slow out as the yellow transformer slows down mid-air before being thrown into the ground.

The two last principles that are visible, are follow through and anticipation. The anticipation is seen when the blue transformer throws the yellow transformer for the second time as they drags the other transformer backwards before throwing them forwards. Then follow through is noticed when the yellow transformer hits the ground and rolls over and continuous bouncing until they forcefully stop it.

To summarise, while this clip could have been extremely confusing due to the amount of actions that happen in a short amount of the, the animator's were able to effectively prevent that using staging and make it realistic using all of the other principles.

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