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BA1a The Venture Bros

Clip 3- The Venture Bros

What principles were used?

  • Timing

  • Ease out

  • Squash and stretch

  • Arc

  • Exaggeration

  • Overlapping Action


As we can see above, this clip is a small fighting sequence accompanied by music.

It starts off with a person easing out and falling towards the grown, the speed increasing as he falls. This creates a sense of gravity since the pull should make any object fall quicker and quicker. The way the ease out was created was the use of timing, this is done by creating more frames and the start and the using less and less which speeds up the animation.

It is also noticeable that there is an exaggeration in how muscly the main character is. This is to inform the audience that this character is powerful and confident. Which also makes the character have a personality without them having to have any scenes that involve them talking. This is a clear example of appeal and exaggeration, both principles of animation.

Not only that, there are numerous example of squash and stretch in this clip. This can be seen when he pulls the different characters and kills them. As they are pulled, you can see them being stretched, this can also be seen as overlapping action as the stretch caused other appendages to take a bit longer to reach the rest of the body. This can be seen at 00:05. Another principle seen here is arc since the person being pulled, falls in an arc.

To summarise, there are quite a few principles within this short clip but all of them are able to create a dynamic scene with the amount of arcs, overlapping actions and follow throughs there are.


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