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BA1a Naruto

Clip 11 - Naruto

What principles were used?

  • Timing

  • Anticipation

  • Exaggeration

  • Follow through

  • Staging


The first principle I can see anticipation. This is showcased by Naruto pulling his fist back before punching the air, splitting the water and making Sasuke fly back. This is a great way to show how the energy is transferred within his movement and giving his punch momentum. Secondly, we can see the principle staging when Naruto punches Sasuke the second time. First, the scene is zoomed out so that we can see Naruto punching Sasuke and then zoom in on his face so that we can see his pained expression. Another principle is timing since when Naruto is running, it is noticeable that the amount of frames are less than when we see Sasuke's expression. This makes it obvious that Naruto is running with no hesitation while Sasuke is realising he is being hit.

There is also clear exaggeration! When Sasuke is being punched, we can see that his back is bulging out to show how powerful Naruto's punch is. Of course it is not realistic but it makes the power in the punch look much more obvious. We also see follow through as we see Sasuke's arms and legs trying to fly back but don't have time to before another punch is hit. Then before he flies back, his head is kicked and that is what falls first before rotating in the air.

I love this clip since it shows how good exaggeration is to show how an action may feel and show how much power Naruto has without having to say it.


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