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BA1a Klaus

Clip 15 - Klaus

What principles were used?

  • Secondary actions

  • Anticipation

  • Squash and stretch

  • Follow through and overlapping action

  • Appeal

  • Staging


So start the clip off, I can already see 3 principles: Staging, Secondary actions, squash and stretch. The staging is seen with the main character being in the middle of the screen while the dogs are on the edges. This makes it clear that the main action is happening in the middle and that is where we should be looking. For the secondary action, we can see that Jesper is putting presents into a sock. However to make it obvious he is scared and aware of the dogs, the animator's made it so he looks around the room and holding a back to his chest, as if to protect himself, like a shield. Not only that, to add dimension to the socks, they stretch when Jesper drops a present into them. This makes the scene much more realistic since if the socks did not move, it would look like they were made of a denser material such as wood rather than wool.

Next is the scene with Jesper stamping the different letters where we see him lifting an eyebrow in confusion due to hearing the little girl's story. This adds charisma to the character as it shows that he is sassy and bitter over the nature of the stories. not only that, later on in the clip, we see how laid back he is as he eats the cookie. He is also appealing in the sense that his lanky appearance is exaggerated. This combination helps the principle appeal be clear.

Finally the scene where he jumps out of the window, we see both overlapping action and anticipation. The overlapping acting can be seen in the movement of Jesper's arms as they move offset compared to the main body. Then when he jumps, we see anticipation as he bends his knees down before jumping, making it clear where the energy going into the jump comes from. We also to get a little glimpse of more stretch happening here as he stretches while flying through the air.

To conclude, this clip is amazing at giving the character Jesper exaggerated charisma while still being realistic.


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