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BA1a Kitbull

Clip 12 - Kitbull

What principles were used?

  • Staging

  • Exaggeration

  • Arc

  • Appeal

  • Squash and Stretch

  • Secondary action


To start the clip off we see the principles exaggeration, appeal, squash and stretch. As the kitten jumps down the boxes, their face squishes as they reach the box. This could also be seen as follow through since this happens after and action and could be the kitten's fur. The reaction to the pigeons invading the kitten's space can be seen as exaggeration due to the arched back and the paws moving up and down rapidly. To ad another principle, the arms move in an arc, which is great since it adds realism to the design of the cat. With the exaggeration, we get the idea that the kitten is feisty and up to fight anyone, however the character design also makes it obvious they are still a kitten with the oversized head. This adds charisma to the cat since it shows us that while they are small, they have no fear and are confident in themselves.

We also get to see the principle secondary action as the hairs on the cat lift up, they open their mouth to show their and their eyebrows furrow. This tells us that the kitten is open to fight the pigeon rather than just waving them away. Finally, we a zoomed into the kittens face when they are looking around. This makes it clear to the audience they are making sure that the pigeons are gone and that it is safe to go back to their box. This is a clear example of: staging.

This clip is amazing at showing how necessary appeal can be, since this entire clip is made interesting by the kitten's actions and adorable character design.

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