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BA1a Inside Out

Clip 14 - Inside Out

What principles were used?

  • Staging

  • Anticipation

  • Appeal

  • Exaggeration


In this clip, we see the emotions: fear, anger and disgust respectively. One thing that stood out to me is the bad staging. As we can see, there are three actions happening at the same time, which can confuse the audience as to where they should look. Of course the most obvious place would be fear breathing into the paper bag, However, if you only looked at fear, you would miss disgust's scared look and anger's snarl. Another argument for this is that the multiple actions could instil a sense of being overwhelmed which is how the characters feel in this scene. Otherwise, the sating seems to be ok at showing what objects we should focus on, so the background is a much more monochrome colour palette while the control panels is lit up.

Another principle I can see is anticipation, since fear pulls back to breath in the air and then breath back out into the bag. Finally we can see appeal and exaggeration in the character design. Everyone's features seem to be exaggerated, such as Fear's lankyness and anger's block body. This also creates appeal since it makes fear seem week and a bit of a scaredy cat (emphasized by the paper bag) and anger's sturbborness.

In conclusion, while the staging may seem confusing, it may be on purpose and the character design makes up for the lack of good staging.


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