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BA1a Eating Scene

Clip 4 - Eating Scene

What principles were used?

  • Timing

  • Staging

  • Secondary action

  • Appeal


This clip begins with the main character using their fork to pick up a piece of corn. Within the first few seconds we can see the use of secondary action as the primary action is them getting the corn, while the secondary action is them having an eyebrow up and one hand hovering over the table, closed. These secondary actions show that the character may be a bit pompous, and extremely suspicious of the other characters who are looking. Not only are these secondary actions, but also appeal since the character now has the characteristic of being pompous and over-confident.

After the above sequence, we see the usage of arc. This is seen when the character is lifting the corn into their mouth, as he makes it look elegant by moving his arm in a circle path.

The camera then moves to zoom in on the mouth, with the other characters in the background. This is a great example of staging and timing since before we see the main character eat the piece of corn, we get to see the faces of the other characters in the background. It is after that, that we see the character eat the corn, which again shows secondary action as they close their eyes and clench their fists while swallowing. This is a brilliant way to present the feeling the character is feeling, disgust.

To conclude this post, this clip is perfect at showing secondary action and how it affects the view the audience has of the different scenes.


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