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BA1a Avatar the Last Airbender

Clip 13 - Avatar the Last Airbender

What principles were used?

  • Overlapping action

  • Anticipation

  • Arc

  • Slow in and slow out

  • Solid Drawing


One thing that stood out to me was the use of solid drawing. This can be seen in the character design since they have drawn multiple folds in Aang's clothing. Not only that, the clothing piece over his shoulders moves freely and helps create this 3D illusion by folding a few times. This can also be seen as overlapping action as the clothing piece moves freely and moves at a different speed compared to Aang.

we can also see anticipation as Aang breathes the air in to then blow out. This is a brilliant way to prepare the audience to take in the next action of cooling the lava down. We can also see slow in and slow out as Aang jumps up, as he reaches the top of the curve, he slows down and starts speeding as he is falling. This makes the fall more realistic since gravity would need time to pull Aang to reach terminal velocity. Finally, we also see the principle arc as he moves his arms in circular motions to build up the air for his next action.

I love this clip since it is such a wonderful action sequence, having each movement prepare for the next by using anticipation and then the character design being taken into account and not making any shortcuts when drawing the movement of his clothing.


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