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Week 14: Arcs, Arcs and even more Arcs

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Clip 1:

Here I made a loop of a bouncy ball that jumps in an arc. I had a lot of trouble matching the speed of the ball and the floor however after moving the frames around a bit, it was fixed.

Clip 2:

Clips two is a simple ball tied to a string I wish I had made a cleaner version afterwards since the rope seems to change too much and look, to be frank, quite bad. This is mainly due to the lack of smoothness in the rope.

Clip 3:

Above you an see the little clips I made during this weeks lecture. We were taught about arcs and why they are extremely important, especially when we make our walk cycle. For example in the last gif which could be interpreted to be an arm. Its important to use arcs to make sure the arm length is consistent throughout the clip.

Arcs also make movement seems more natural when applying it to secondary movements. Since secondary movements normally move in arcs after the main object, this is to make sure it does not look stiff but rather look flowy.

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