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Analysing Walk Cycles

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

First Clip:

The clip is of a woman who is walking quite stiffly. This is due to the fact that the animators made it so that the character didn't bop up and down as much. They also did this with the dog, however the added more frames to their leg movement to make it seem like they was walking faster than the woman.

The lack of movement continues with her feet since they never move too far apart from each other, showing a lot of constraint due her professional demeanour.

In contrast to the rest of the body, her arms seem to move more due to the weight of the folder she is holding

Second Clip:

Just like the first clip, the lady's head barely moves, however her legs do have a wider range of movement than the lady in clip 1. This helps give the illusion of the lady having proper posture and makes her look very elegant.

Another way that this clip differs from the first clip is the arm movement. She moves her arm a lot less, implicating that the bag is much lighter than the folder in the first clip.

There is also a lot of shoulder and fur movement to get a slight sassy vibe to both of these characters.

The way her dog moves shows evidence of the use of follow through with their tail and little bow. Adding a little bit of flourish to the walk cycle.

Third Clip:

This clip has the most movement, making the character seem much more relaxed compared to the two other clips. They also seem to be moving quickly. This is because there is a low amount of frames in the leg movement. Another way to do this was to make the range of movement big so that it looks like they are taking huge steps.

There are also similarities to the other two clips, for example the amount of movement her arm has, showing momentum , adding weight to the suitcase she is carrying. There is also a lot of follow through regarding the dog. With the fur taking a second longer to land and also the way the nose moves, just like the second clip. However, it is much more obvious in this clip.


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