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Adobe Animate Christmas

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Final Ver

Ver 1

I started off using reference lines and marking the different key frames. This helped a great deal since I was able to get the spacing in the animation correct. I applied squash & stretch, anticipation (squishing before moving forward) and ease out. The lines makes it much easier to discern how to make the ease out happen easily.

Ver 1 with no lines

Here it is without the reference lines. Once I removed the line, I saw that the cube slowly grows later on in the animation. I fixed this in the clean version as I copied the cube at the start and pasted it at every corner.

Ver 2

In this ver, I started the second task, the perspective task. I decided to try this out with my own line of action rather than the one shown in the video. I decided to experiment with the line of movement to make it seem more visually interesting.

Ver 2 with no lines

Here it is without the line. The lining is quite rough and I will focus on the linework during the clean up.

Ver 3

Here is my first try to do the experimentation. When playing it back, I can see that the start of the first curve has to be much slower. I will try to do this by adding spaces in between the first few frames to create an ease out effect.

Ver 4

When testing out different lines of action I realised I should completely change the start of the sequence. So instead of being connected to 2 strings, I only had 1 rope. Also, the the box would appear from outside the border to add some momentum that would make the rope breaking seem more realistic. I was also able to use follow through with the rope, which I was very happy with. Though, I may see if I can make the fall after the first collision a bit slower since an ease out could make it look better.

Ver 5 no lines

Here is the ver before doing the clean up and colour.

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