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2D Process of the Walk Cycle

Updated: May 24, 2021

Ver 1

To start this walk cycle off with a basic sketch. I went for a sneaky walk for my character since she would often do stealth missions when rescuing people so I thought it would be appropriate.

I used this video as a reference:

Ver 2

I lined the main body of the character so that I could use colour blobs to get a sense of where I should draw the clothing. I also noticed that the feet seem to kind of stop and move forward before going back again which I will fix in the next GIF.

Ver 3

Here I finally added clothing to the character and fixed the issue with the feet. I also added the ear decorations. I like the way the feet arched however I feel like there are some timing issues at the looping movement, which makes the GIF jarring to look at.

Ver 4

In this GIF I finally added her hands and the line on her dress. Once I finally added the hands I realised how shaky the arms were and that it needed to be fixed, otherwise it would be extremely weird and robotic.

Ver 5

To fix the arms issue I added a guide to make it easier to fix. Not only that, I was able to start drawing her face and her hair movement. There was still some jarring movement but couldn't see where it was coming from.

Ver 6

Finally, I was able to get to adding the hat now which was quite annoying to do since the hat kept being inconsistent. Not only that, the skirt seemed to stick to her leg rather than falling down again. So I decided to redraw the skirt in those frames.

Ver 7

After a tutorial I had with Helen Piercy, I was told that the reason why my animation may look odd, could be due to the fact that the upper part of the body moved in 3D space when the bottom half isn't. So I decided to move one leg up a bit to make it look like it's moving in perspective. I also lined the hair on the character.

Ver 8

Here I decided to move the other up a bit since the change seemed too dramatic. I also redrew the shoes so that they looked like they twisted and turn depending on the upper body. Using a video of myself wearing boots to make sure it looks right.

Ver 9

I this version, I added the base colour, using the turnaround to match the colours. This was when I finally realized that the arm and hat wobbled after asking for feedback from Dan Root.

Ver 10

After fixing the hat and the arm, I continued colouring in the character, adding new timelines for each piece of clothing and hair. After this version, I started adding the smaller details, as I was debating if I should remove some details to make sure I could make it before the deadline.

Final Ver

In the final version, I had decided to remove two details however I keep the geometric pattern on the shawl and dress. I also decided to keep the other ear decorations. Though if I could change one thing, Id fix the hat a bit more since it still seems to change the size, however, I very happy with everything else.


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