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2D Flour Sack

Updated: May 24, 2021

Ver 1

I started off making an animatic of the sneaky walk of the flour sack and the slight movement of the plant. I realize now as I'm looking at it that I should have noticed that the timing was too fast, however, I was able to catch it after the final lining.

Ver 2

Here I made the in-betweens for the sneaky walk and started on the movement of the plant. I wanted to focus on the facial expressions on the plant as well to add some character to it rather than just being a plant with teeth.

Ver 3

This is what the previous GIF looks like after I fixed the timing of when the flour sack touches the plant and when the flour sack gets eaten.

Ver 4

This was when I finally realized that the flour sack was walking way too quickly after getting a critique from my lecturer Dan Root. I also added some guidelines to make sure that the flour sack stayed within those red lines.

Ver 5

After a lesson on how the fabric moves using the TCS method, I realized it could help me understand the movement of a plant that would grow at that speed. To confirm this theory, I looked at some sped-up videos of plants growing. Not only that, it made me realize that when some plants grow, the leaves that grow at the start stay at the same place on the plant rather than moving up. As you can see in the right GIF. If you would like to see these videos, they will be linked at the end of this post.

Ver 6

I finally did the final lining for the plant and redid the lining for the flour sack to make it look cleaner. I liked the way the plant moved but I had trouble figuring out how the other parts of the plant would move.

Ver 7

Here is the version where I finally did all of the in-betweens and added the rubble in the ground, all I had to do was make the plant lining cleaner when it connects to the rubble. I also added another limb to the plant as it's going out of the ground which was in the original animatic. Except it also exits the ground.

Ver 8

I was finally able to start on the background using these barn pictures as references:

I used the wooden panels and the little room in the first image as a base and then looked at the windows in the second picture and the lighting.

Final Ver

Here is the final version, I went for a monochromatic colour scheme to make the plant stand out and so the background matches the colours in the references.

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